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Default Re: Techie... DONE Kinda

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
Core 3 runs higher for some reason on i7 chips. I found the stock cpu fan to be miserable on the i7. I have a 920 and in the 900 case it was cool until it got under load. I imagine the video rendering is putting a lot of load on the chip. I couldn't keep my temps down enough with the stock cooler.

The 940 is a overclocked version of the 920, so I am not surprised you are having heat issues. I have the Noctua i7 cooler the NH12P or something like that. Read newegg and see if it will fit in the 900. I have my 920 OC'd to 3.8 and it never gets close to 75c even under 100% load.

Yeah, I am headed down to the store today to buy an aftermarket fan and paste... See how that works.

Other than that, the thing is LIGHTNING QUICK. Well, that could also be the RAID 0 on the Velociraptors?!

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