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Default Re: Biden Reveals Location of Secret VP Bunker

ho hum... another "shock and awe" PANIC!!!! piece of propoganda.

Originally Posted by stillers4me View Post
What a shocker.......I can't find this story on CNN or MSNBC.

maybe because this is ancient information and can hardly be called "news".

from 2001-

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- Three hours after Osama bin Laden turned the Pentagon into a broken rectangle, five helicopters touched down a few hundred yards from Hal Neill's house at the base of Raven Rock Mountain along the Pennsylvania-Maryland border.

Within minutes, a convoy of SUVs with black-tinted windows zoomed up Harbaugh Valley Road, turned left, and deposited the weight of the free world inside Site R, the inexplicably named city-in-a-mountain from which the Pentagon has operated and, from all indications Vice President Dick Cheney has directed his office in the days since the Sept. 11 attacks.

Site R, with its six-stories of underground offices, subterranean water reservoir, and banks of mysterious antennas, dishes and massive, steel doors, has been a designated backup command center since it was hewn out of the mountain in 1951.

All America knows about Camp David, 10 miles to the south, and Three Mile Island, several Geiger counter clicks to the north. Conspiracy theorists and UFO cultists even knew about the mysterious Area 51 in Nevada.

For decades, though, Site R's presence was a village secret, barely acknowledged to outsiders and attracting little outside interest in turn.

"I can go to Gettysburg and say, 'Site R,' and they won't know what I'm talking about," said Neill, who has spent all of his 39 years living next to the entrance, about 30 miles from Gettysburg. His father worked there and told him little of the place's operations.

"There are four entrances, but I've only ever been able to find three of them," said Neill, as he stood in his back yard, looking over at the guard station next to two oversize metal doors in the hillside. Six military men in sweatsuits jogged their way down the driveway and back up again.

"They weren't doing that before the attacks," Neill said. "Now, they're working out."

In 1992, the federal government cut back on staff at Site R, thinking the end of the Cold War spelled less need for underground bunkers that could accommodate 3,000 people.

Map: Underground complex on Pennsylvania border
anyone need a map?

"In the Cold War, people thought they'd live underground for months waiting for the nuclear fallout to wear off," said Chris Hellman, a budget analyst at the Center for Defense Information. "The idea was to live as normally as possible." That would explain the barbershop planted hundreds of feet below the mountain next to Hal Neill's house.

After the terrorist attacks of three months ago, Site R's proximity to Camp David, Three Mile Island and the Letterkenny Army Depot has given it an uncomfortably public profile and its neighbors an earful. The tidy equilibrium of rural life has been upended. No one is surprised to hear jets over lower Manhattan, where the World Trade Center stood. Above the Main Line Hobby Shop in Blue Ridge Summit, Pa., it makes for strange nights.

from 2004-

Quote: WHITE HOUSE ANGER AFTER TIME MAGAZINE DETAILS LOCATION OF CHENEY'S 'SECRET BUNKER' Tue Jun 15 2004 11:11:34 ET Top White House officials expressed anger after TIME magazine detailed the location of Vice President Dick Cheney's secret bunker, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. In new editions, TIME revealed "Site R," an underground bunker on the Maryland-Pennsylvania border where the Vice President spent much of his time in 2001.
i thought everyone knew this.

perhaps the title of this thread should read Biden Re-Reveals Location of Not-So-Secret VP Bunker

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