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Default Re: Time to get Offensive...

I will say this, I want another Superbowl Championship . I am a little jealous of the Pats, because they have 3 of 4. And jealous of anyone who wins because I want the Steelers to win. Do I have the right to be jealous because we already have FOUR, probably not but oh well. To me the ring is the number one goal. without question. But there is so much more, I run a Steelers Fan club for OHIO. If we were 2-6 half way through the season, our club wouldn`t be much fun, we would still watch, we would still root, but our balloon would be a little deflated. Our crowds would shrink a little, because we may not be some, but we do have some fair weather fans. The Steelers made this season fun, bad ending but for 5 months we had a ball, and this happens here alot, it is great being a Steelers fan. Even with the let downs only one team wins it all. It will be our team this year I know this, don`t ask how I just do. Pats run is over, not for good, Bill will rise again in Boston, but we are the team to beat, Not Philly, Not NE, Not Atlanta,Not SD, never Cleveland. We are the team.
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