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Default Re: Experience the other night, seen a man hit a woman

Originally Posted by steelwall View Post
So it was late and myself my wife and about 5 Russians I know here were hanging out atan outside BBQ place... Well I hear this loud noise and looked over and this Chinese guy kicked the shyte out of this chinese lady knocking her down... I seen red!!!

I ran over there and mushed him in his face and told him NO!!!! You do not do that!!! He had some big friend who tryed to grabme and I hip tossed him.. Well nedless to say the guy backed down immediately. But the messed up thing is my friends looked at me like I was the bad guy for getting involved....geezzzz
I've had some similar experiences over the last three or four years... It's really bad when it is your mom being hit. This taps into some bad memories. I just wanted to say that even if no one there was in support of you, you did the right thing. I've tried to stop a man from hitting a woman before only to be yelled at by both. That is really eye opening. The only thing I can say is that I knew I was doing the right thing, just like you were. I seriously thank you for sticking up for that woman.
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