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Default Re: Experience the other night, seen a man hit a woman

ast night I go back over to their house, I even brought one of my paintings to give to the as a gesture of good will... This one F'n Russian started again on how we were wrong to go into afgan..... I finally was just like.....hey.. do you want to go outside and settle this. You have a right to your opionion but I am an Afgan vet... what the F have you ever done?

He backed down, but he could tell I was serious as a heart attack I was ready to kick his commie ass, then I had to hear his commmie girlfriend talking shit..

If not for the one guy, who is really cool, I would not hang out with them... I can see now this guy like to drink his vodka and get mouthy,,, it wont be long before I kick his ass oll over the place...

Thing is he is obviously afraid of me...I talked cash shyte to him last night .....hoping he had the balls to hit I would have a reason to wipe the F'n floor with him without getting into trouble....

Bad things are a brewing for this guy...
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