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Default Re: Obama continuing yet ANOTHER "Failed Bush Policy"...

Originally Posted by Dino 6 Rings View Post
The Democrats are starting to back off seriously a lot of their agenda because of Huge Backlash.

Gitmo, "we'll close it" now, they won't fund closing it.

Gay Marriage "we'll pass it" because of the uproar, "civil union" is talked about.

its happening more and more now all the things they were "hoping to change" they are getting serious back lash from the Real Public about the issues and are backing down.

Republicans are killing Dems in poll after poll for House and Senate Seats and Governorships. Even NJ is leaning Republican which is huge at the Governor level.
Concur...BUT the last thing I'd like to see is mid-terms held right now. Give the Dems another 18 months of rope with which to hang themselves, and I can see HUGE sweeping changes in the House and Senate next election.
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