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Default Re: Nancy Pelosi- Complete Fraud

Other than being caught lying and flip-flopping on the CIA briefing...Pelosi is a real piece of work. Her hypocrisy is astounding, even by a politicians standard. Just a few of her “accomplishments”:

-Earmarks. She campaigned against them, and made a huge point of blaming the GOP for them. Earmarks are UP 17% in a Dem controlled House/Senate.
-She pushed through the Water Resources Development Act (earmark) which directly boosts the value of her husbands real estate.
-Coined the term “Culture of Corruption”, but only when refrerring to GOP corruption. She turns a blind eye to her own parties, and more damningly, her own.
-She at the forefront “End the War” movement. Yet she’s only tried gimmicks to actually accomplish this. She’s also flip-flopped all over the place on the War. For it, then against it, then for it…now she’s back to being against it…I think.
-She’s against the Boy Scouts, trying to get them blocked from using public schools.
-Meeting with Assad in Syria. Even her own party said she was acting like a nut when she lied to the leader of Syria about Israeli promises that were never made.
-Hate Crime. She passionate about this POS legislation.
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