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Default Re: Bill passes to allow gun carry in National Parks

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
I visited my Grandfather in Alaska in 1969. We did a lot of fishing in the wilds. He always had his 44 mag at the ready. He gave me a 44 Bulldog to use. GPa's rule for bears. Don't hesitate. Make the first shot between the eyes or you'll just piss it off worse and you're dead meat. And when in bear country, go big bore.
I lived in Alaska for 3 years. I always carried a .44 mag pistol and a shotgun loaded with 00 buck, slug, 00 buck, slug, etc.......spray the face, slug the body, spray the face, slug the body.

That's what I learned from the oldtimers - I did lot of backcountry hiking, hunting. and fishing in brown and black bear territory. Saw a lot - never had to get defensive. When bears get hunted, they tend to get spooky and take off, unless you get a shebear with cubs, or you're sitting on a gutpile of moose or deer - then all bets are off.
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