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Default Re: Time to get Offensive...

Hey dumb ass, aka hardwork, Our four were a hell of alot more pure than your also. Our aren`t to be considered our because they were so long ago? At least every player on our roster was homegrown, played every game of their pro career with the Steelers, drafted or college free agents. What you call yours? Is a team that was free agents from all over, use them for a year here and there, I would take OUR FOUR over your three anyday, HOF after HOF on that team. No coaches from that team left? What Dick Hoak, Been with the Steelers for over 750+ games as a player or coach, Hwow about Mean Joe Greene who is still on our staff. How about owners who have owned the team since 1933. How about the Best Damn Fans in the Country. You know shit about the Pittsbugh Steelers, don`t act as if you do. You wish that would let you in to our Steelers Fraternity. But your just a pats fairweather fan, as far as I`m concerned. I`m sure you weren`t looking for a Steelers web site before the pats starting winning.
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