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Default Re: James Harrison's Dog attacks Harrison's Son

Originally Posted by I_Bleed_Black_And_Gold View Post
I have never met a mean pitbull. The only dogs that have ever bitten me were either yappy little shits like Yorkies or a Rotty.
A long time friend of mine has a pit named Chandra who is the absolute sweetest dog. She's great with kids and has never bitten anyone. I'm a firm believer that all dogs are capable of having a nasty streak - it's all in how they are raised.

I'm with you - the yip yappers seem to be the most tempermental and moodiest dogs out there. Every dog in the neighborhood drags their owners to my porch in the summer if I'm sitting outside because they know they're going to get some lovin' and a treat. I've only had 2 dogs growl at me in my entire life and they both were poodles. Nasty little shits.

I hope James' little boy is going to be OK.

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