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Default Re: New Member Here: RavensFan52

Originally Posted by RavensFan52 View Post
First of all you can see by my handle I am a RAVENS FAN. So let me first say that I am not here to talk trash or talk smack about the two teams but be objective about the Steelers and give my view as a fan of a Rival. I wont be ripping anyone or making any nasty posts, I am planning on being as objective as can be throughout the offseason and onto the 2009 season while giving my opinion at the same time.

Now About Me

I am a 21 Year old student who will be attending FIU in Jan of 2010. I am studying Hospitality Management. I am taking the rest of the year off to get ready for the move to Miami and find a place to live down there. I enjoy traveling to new cities and going to baseball games in cities across the country. I have been a Ravens Fan since 1996 and have been to every home game since 2002. I have many friends who are Steelers Fans and we enjoy taking turns going to bars of each team in the Baltimore/Washington area.

I look forward to becoming a active member and communicating with many of you.

Welcome to the board. If you're the same person, I believe you and I had a few go rounds on the ravens insider forum?

There's nothing wrong with talking smack as long as you keep in the right forums.

There's a few other ravens fans here that keep the posts above the belt, talk good football, good smack, and at the end of the day

So again, welcome to the board. Remember no and don't be a

And oh, while you're at it, check out your #1 fan and baltimore living legend TIMMAH in the blast furnace - you can't miss him!

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