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Default Re: New Member Here: RavensFan52

Originally Posted by RavensFan52 View Post
First of all you can see by my handle I am a RAVENS FAN. So let me first say that I am not here to talk trash or talk smack about the two teams but be objective about the Steelers and give my view as a fan of a Rival. I wont be ripping anyone or making any nasty posts, I am planning on being as objective as can be throughout the offseason and onto the 2009 season while giving my opinion at the same time.

Now About Me

I am a 21 Year old student who will be attending FIU in Jan of 2010. I am studying Hospitality Management. I am taking the rest of the year off to get ready for the move to Miami and find a place to live down there. I enjoy traveling to new cities and going to baseball games in cities across the country. I have been a Ravens Fan since 1996 and have been to every home game since 2002. I have many friends who are Steelers Fans and we enjoy taking turns going to bars of each team in the Baltimore/Washington area.

I look forward to becoming a active member and communicating with many of you.

GAH, bad enough it's a Steelers site, but Ravens fans too? Sheesh.

Just kidding bro! Welcome to one of the classiest forums on the internet. (Not, no special indicator to mention teams or sports, it's a great all around group of people here.)

So long as you aren't a troll, you'll do well here.
If you take the "U" out of "STUD", you get STD. I'm just saying.
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