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Default Re: Since we are all bored.........

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
That's astounding. At a family reunion at the Vet's Mom's house? WTF is wrong with these "people"?.
Uber-liberal, dope smoking (who is pretty much looking for handouts regularly.) The oldest of my younger brother's (we'll call him Joe) worked with the guy...but they never talked politics much at work. While "Joe" is a Dem/Lib, and we frequently discuss politics, he'd never reallly discussed much of politics with the guy. They smoked together and were fairly relaxed at work. I surprised my parents by showing up (in uniform no less). I had to do a parade (Color Guard carrying the Red White and Blue, with streamers) in WV in the morning (I was stationed there at the time) and so wasn't sure if I was going to make it. Since the BBQ wasn't going to kickoff until that evening...and I had an approved pass for the next day (to make up for "working" on Memorial day) I figured a trip to the family would be fine.

When I showed up, "Joe" saw me enter the house from the front (BBQ out back) and shouted Cops!!! His "buddy" jumped up and started to run out the back of the house. Was funny as hell. Til he started going off on me (apparently I'm a baby killer.) He even tried telling me I'm a pansy because I didn't want to fight him (then he pushed me.) Apparently he recognized me for the right-wing extremist terrorist that I am (even before the DoHS caught on).

I didn't know that my brother's were standing up behind me but let him know that since we were still at war...and that he knew I was a Soldier he was in danger of treason... (bold faced lie, but funny as hell.) for assaulting a Soldier...and that I was charged with protecting this country, the constitution, it's citizens and it's Soldier's against all enemies, foreign and domestic, which included "homegrown @ssholes just like you."

He left, I turned around and saw my brothers moving forward. I nearly cried. It was so touching...because I'm much larger than they are...I could have handled the pencil-knecked twerp on my own...but they weren't having it!
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