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Default Re: Techie... Overclocking.

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post

Like an idiot, I couldn't leave my new computer alone, so now I am overclocking it.

I got it up to 3.78 at 165 MHz However, I am trying to break the 4. barrier.

Dang dang dang... I have adjusted the Vcore, the CPU-VTT, but nothing stable over 3.78 yet.

What are you all running at?
Heh ... how did I know this was going to happen? One minute it's "I need help figuring out how to put this thing together" and the next time I turn around, it's overclocking and going for speed records. In another month, we'll see you entering contests like this and building your own liquid nitrogen cooling system.

I think I saw something in one of those competitions where a guy had overclocked a Q9550 to 5.7 GHz. Now that I don't think I could do.
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