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Originally Posted by SteelersMongol View Post

Yep. & this 1 U've shown is such a great custom figure. Who made this?
I don't know. I found the pic while surfing. Its close to the actual scene, but...

Originally Posted by Allstar View Post
Also the try is the same body sculpt as the old patriots cory dillion. At least the could have removed the right elbow pad which as far as I know Troy never wears. I get so tired of them using the same poses with different heads.
It shows their laziness and lack of interest. All they had to do was put Troy's head on the bruschi figure and we'd all be all over it. But NOOOOOOO. We have a half ass figure with a damned pad to remove. @#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@$%^&*()(*&^%$#$%^!!!!!

Alas, I'll probably have to buy the new Troy and put his head on the bruschi body I have. Interestingly, I have the right outstretched arm but not the left. And the left on the new Troy is closer to the actual scene than the bruschi left arm.

So, the question becomes "who to make from the "remains" of the new Troy?". Suggestions?

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