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Default Re: Why are there soo many people joining the Military?

Originally Posted by xfl2001fan View Post
When the economy is bad, recruiting always goes up. For most people, 4 years of guaranteed pay is far better than the alternative...

As for your question, when you get to Meridian, talk to the folks there. Otherwise, talk with Trauben. She's still active Navy and may have some more insight. I've been out of that branch for nearly 8 years. I believe that, unless the EOD is really hurting for people, you'll have to wait 2 years...which will likely turn to 4. Once it's time for you to reenlist, you can make that a requirement to raise your right hand again.

At least that's the way it worked for most Sailors who wanted to change their Rate or go to another school.
Well, I know there is a high attrition rate for EOD, and they were asking for volunteers for EOD at boot camp. So I assume they might need more guys.

Who's Trauben? I need to get in contact with that person, where is she?
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