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Default Re: Ever had a "spinal" headache

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Ah, the memories. Mine ruptured one night when I was 15. Didn't realize what it was, just that I thought I was deathly ill. 24 hours later when my temp had gone to 104, my parents thought it might be a good idea to visit the doctor. The doctor had me rushed to the ER. Problem was that a nearby factory had exploded that night and the ORs were backed up for hours. By the time they opened me I was over 107 and Peritonitis had set in.

Speaking of passing through hell...

A month in isolation with daily removal of dead tissue. Unbelievable pain. I'll spare the details.
Yep, been there done that. When the docs flayed me open, emergency surgery, they found a small hole my stomach and whatever was left in there leaked out. Personally I think they nicked it going in. Can't imagine that much of anything was left, only been puking(dry heaving) for a while. After I woke up I had a tube sticking out of my gut for drainage, and they didn't stitch me up. They taped me up, just in case they had to go back in. But yeah it was 4-6 weeks of hell in the hospital. So now I have a big ugly scar 7"-8" inches long right down the middle of my stomach. Who needs a belly button anyway.

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