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Default Re: Why are there soo many people joining the Military?

Originally Posted by T.Richardson View Post
Well, I know there is a high attrition rate for EOD, and they were asking for volunteers for EOD at boot camp. So I assume they might need more guys.

Who's Trauben? I need to get in contact with that person, where is she?
Cannot speak for Navy EOD, but have a little insight on Air Force EOD. Two buddies of mine are EOD where I am stationed at. EOD in the USAF is in high demand for a number of reasons:

1. High ops tempo, always fricken gone
2. High drop out rate in technical schools
3. Job offers on the outside (my buddy is being recruited by several non military government agencies for a crap ton of money)
4. Dangerous job, one close encounter may make you second guess your career choice.

That is why EOD is in high demand throughout the services. You see all those EOD's going off in Iraq/Afghanistan, those are only a portion of the ones that are there. Our EOD troops are doing a great job of disarming many, many more EOD's.

Good luck in getting EOD, tough job but the reward is astronomical!
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