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Default Re: Why are there soo many people joining the Military?

I always hear how the military recruits poor black kids to go fight rich white mens wars, but I'm confused...

Today in the paper there was a pictorial list of all the area men and women who have been KIA in The Iraq and Afghan War. 70 individuals in all. But only 5 blacks. The population around here is on par with the country overall, about 12-13%, yet only 5 out of 70 (7%ish) KIA's from this area are black. It seems like we have a disproportionately white military.

Why is this so? Why am I repeatedly hearing that our military is disproportionally black?

Just curious.

By the by, it's nice to see that we do have a ton of volunteers. We ARE at war, so it's not like these kids are signing up for low-risk cushy peace-time jobs.
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