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Default Re: Why are there soo many people joining the Military?

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
I always hear how the military recruits poor black kids to go fight rich white mens wars, but I'm confused...

Today in the paper there was a pictorial list of all the area men and women who have been KIA in The Iraq and Afghan War. 70 individuals in all. But only 5 blacks. The population around here is on par with the country overall, about 12-13%, yet only 5 out of 70 (7%ish) KIA's from this area are black. It seems like we have a disproportionately white military.

Why is this so? Why am I repeatedly hearing that our military is disproportionally black?

Just curious.

By the by, it's nice to see that we do have a ton of volunteers. We ARE at war, so it's not like these kids are signing up for low-risk cushy peace-time jobs.
I would think it is because many of those people who are over there are 2 and 3 time volunteers, most people like that either 1, want this to be a career or 2, are going into it for an adventure. I don't think people who simply enter the military for a four year stint and the college money are two and three time volunteers.

By that I mean, you volunteer to be in the military, then you volunteer for a job that you KNOW will place you on or close to the front lines, then many of them volunteer AGAIN for jobs like spec. ops, force recon, etc., which puts them at the sharpest point of the spear.

It is mainly those who had options, and CHOSE the military that end up there IMO.
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