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Default Re: Why are there soo many people joining the Military?

Originally Posted by T.Richardson View Post
Well, I know there is a high attrition rate for EOD, and they were asking for volunteers for EOD at boot camp. So I assume they might need more guys.

Who's Trauben? I need to get in contact with that person, where is she?
Don't know where she's at, but shoot her a PM. She's a Chief in the she could be out doing some kind of Ops...and if I remember right about her MOS/work, she'll spend a lot of time in and out to sea.

Like I said, when you get to Meridian (boring place, I was an AK when I was in...the Walmart was new in town and the locals were just going nuts over it.) ask there. It may be that because of the high attrition rate for EOD that you'll go there right after your YN school instead of to your next command. I don't know the numbers and don't remember the resources to look that info up being a Soldier for the last 8 years.
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