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Default Re: Why are there soo many people joining the Military?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i dont know if 70 local ohio kids out of the 4000+ KIA is a large enough sample size. maybe the local recruiters whos responsibility is the inner cities there just suck when it comes to convincing the poor blacks that the military provides a better option.

i do know the AFB i work on in southwestern NM is probably 30% black. oddly enough, theres a very low percentage of mexicans even though they make up a large portion of our local demographic. as far as the enlisted female airmen, i would say its 50-50 black/white.

i have lived on 3 af bases in CA, AZ, and NM and the black population there, far outweighs the general percentage in the surrounding "native" communities.
True, but I think his point was not people stationed in Ohio but rather, those who were BORN and RAISED there who went off to be in the military.

And you stats speak to my previous post. Those without many choices that choose the military as a way to escape an enviroment usually don't choose placements that put them on the front line. I wonder how many re-enlist and how many get out after 4 or 8 years for college. Either way, it is a good choice. It just goes to answering Suit's question a bit more.

And no tony. . . I didn't edit my post after you quoted me.

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