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Default Re: Why are there soo many people joining the Military?

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
True, but I think his point was not people stationed in Ohio but rather, those who were BORN and RAISED there who went off to be in the military.
just curious preacher. when i speak of the local kids of ohio, how do you confuse that with me not speaking of those who were born and rased there to the point that you needed to use caps lock at me to try to emphasize that it is i who dont understand that which i am reading (no thanks for the clarification that wasnt needed.)?

was i not perfectly clear with my post or is there a certain republiclear i need to learn?

i dont know if 70 local ohio kids out of the 4000+ KIA is a large enough sample size. maybe the local recruiters whos responsibility is the inner cities there just suck when it comes to convincing the poor blacks that the military provides a better option.
is this just an unspoken tactic you guys love to use?
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