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Default Re: My trip to Gatlinburgh TN.

I live in Ohio and am a die hard Steelers fool,and its just amazing how bad the Browns fans hate us. Ive been in a few almost fights in bars because of my loyalty to Pittsburgh. Ive always lived in Ohio and people always ask my I would live here but root for another team. Then I have to explain that first of all I live in america, where I can choose whatever the hell I want but secondly I have a twin brother and at *8years old we chose teams to root for ,he chose the Browns, and at 8 I didnt know the rivalry between the two teams and I chose the Steelers first and formost at that time because I liked thier colors lol,and then found out that they won 4 super bowls. This was in 1979 by the way, and we didnt really have a TV to watch, but found other ways of following them, anyways as it turns out I picked the best team ever and my twin is still is a browns fan .Every year I get so much flack from all these retarded browns fans that next year this and next year that, and it just never happens.If the browns are leading at halftime my phone rings or texts off the hook, but by the end of the gameI dont hear one peep from anyone,ya gotta love it. I live in Ohio ,hate the Browns ,love the Cavs, love the buckeyes, like the Indians,love the Penguins,but man if we could only root for teams by where we lived I would move to a heart beat,thank god I live in America,and thank god for the Steelers,which is his favorite team too.
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