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Default Re: Biden Reveals Location of Secret VP Bunker

Add to my suspension....

You're a self loathing white man, who lets his liberal indocrination control every aspect of his life including his friends and thought processes. You thought Bush was sooooo wrong you can't stand the fact that Obama and his administration are taking some heat (as well as adopting many Bush policies cause maybe they were good????) you say you dont deflect but 9 out of 10 times you address a comment with something that does not have said comment's subject matter in it at all.

You dont fool me, you never have you never will. I know your agenda, sometimes I actually agree with it, but that does not matter to you because I am a conservative and therefor a sworn enemy in your liberal mind.

You think so many people on this site say you deflect for no reason????.then you are stupid.... it is because you do.!... but your militant left wing liberal pea brain mindset has you so intuned to BS that you think all conservatives want to kill your babies, OR WANT TO STAMP OUT COMMUNISM OR SOCIALISM...EWWWWWW....BADDDD... you dont care what a conservatine says after it is known he is a conservative.

Spin it, do what you will with this article, after your f'n memorial day disgrace and your constant BS I no longer have use to talk to you, I'm sure you won't lose any sleep over it but neither will I.
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