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Default Re: Because I'm hungry and it's almost lunch.........

Originally Posted by xfl2001fan View Post
No-Salt makes me I'll stick with the sea salt.
I understand the salt thing. We need to avoid sodium to the extent possible, so I don't use salt except sea salt occasionally where necessary. Having said that, Tony's is an excellent substitute. It's Cajun. Has as much pepper as no-salt.

But in the meantime, enjoy your salt!

Originally Posted by xfl2001fan View Post
All the good cooks eyeball it. I take a recipe and say, that looks likea a T. It's how my momma raised me.
And the corollary is "real men" are good cooks. That has to be true, because just as men won't use maps or read instructions, seldom do measures come into play. Except some down and inches.

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