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Default Re: Because I'm hungry and it's almost lunch.........

Originally Posted by xfl2001fan View Post
I try to avoid salt as well, though my rubs (like the Canadien Steak) is chock full of it. The only salt on my food is the salt cooked into the food. Fresh (or frozen) veggies (as opposed to can), the whole nine-yards. High blood pressure is rampant in my family. Unfortunately, I can't eat No-salt. I have every flavor of Mrs. Dash they make and sell in my area.
You know what's bizarre? No-salt anything is potassium. Has the same effect on high blood pressure as salt. So the only no-salt I use is Tony's, and usually its in a preparation that requires salt - eg taco seasoning or Rendezvous dry rub for ribs. I rationalize that "its OK cuz there's no salt".

Mrs Dash in any form is the bomb.

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