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Default Re: Pens VS Red wings part deux

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
Wings fans aren't happy at all.....the Bettman conspiracy talk has already begun...

The Penguins just got a HUGE gift from the league.

The first person to deny that gets punched in the face.

Forcing one team to play their home stand as a back to back is a big disadvantage.
Of course, let's not forget that the reason the schedule is this way is because of NBC's insistence that the series not interfere with their precious prime-time schedule, and the league pretty much has no say in the matter. But why let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory?

Here's the proof right here, BTW:

According to multiple sources, if the Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings can wrap up their respective Conference final series by Wednesday night, the Stanley Cup finals likely would start on Saturday, May 30 in Detroit. In this scenario, Game 2 would be played on Sunday, May 31.

This is a change from a May 22 press release from the league that indicated that the championship series would begin on Friday, June 5, if both Conference final series didn't end in four-game sweeps.

The Penguins can close out their series with a victory over the Hurricanes in Raleigh on Tuesday night. The defending champion Red Wings, meanwhile, have positioned themselves to advance with a win over the Blackhawks on Wednesday in Detroit.

For the past several days, the league has been working behind the scenes with NBC, which has limited prime time real estate to devote to the Cup finals due to important "sweeps" week programming and the Tonight Show re-launch with new host Conan O'Brien.

The possible change would spare the league an embarrassing, television-created, eight-day hiatus and the competitive nature of the playoffs wouldn't be compromised by an unusually long layoff for both clubs.
Suck on that, Wings fans.
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