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Default Re: Pens VS Red wings part deux

The back-to-back is definitely going to be best for our young guns versus their old battered hags. After all, we already pulled one off with the Caps, and it's also important to note that we did that with one on home ice and the other away on the road. Having a cozy night in bed versus NOT traveling for the next game away will be nice for us.

These hags don't have much 'healing' time nor rest, that can only work for us.

I say we open this can of worms by splitting with them in Detroit. I think perhaps they take the first game, but we steal the second. Then again, it sure would be syrup on my hotcakes if we came out and set the tempo for this Cup by taking over their home ice and claiming the first win, even if they salvage the second game there, then keep that momentum flying on our home ice.

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