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Default Please Pray for me

Yesterday I was diagnosed with cancer in my left kidney. My Dr. called me last night around 8:00pm and talked to me for a little while. After I left his office yesterday, he reviewed my CT scans again and reiterated to me that the cancer has not spread. He also told me that he believes that it is malignant from the appearance of it and that I will lose my left kidney. He told me he is very optimistic that this can be removed entirely and that I will be able to have this done liposcopically by the end of the month. I won't be able to work for about 4-5 weeks, but thankfully, I have a great boss who will let me telecommute from home. Apparently, I have had this inside of me for about 2 years and never knew about it.

I know we don't know each other personally very well, but I whole-heartedly believe in the power of prayer and I know many of you are people who believe in prayer.

Thanks everyone.
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