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Default Re: Artist commisioned to do Steelers painting

Being a 'beginning painter' myself....(at the urge of those who felt I needed to calm down...RA!!!!!RA!!!!!!) joking.

I know what you mean now about how much paint weighs. I took 3 of my painting for framing and after a few days the canvas started to sag, my guess was from the weight of the paint.

I guess my canvases are about 2 by 3and a half feet (Im in china just buy whatever I can get) but they are remarkably heavy once a painting is done, especially a good painting....(in my experience you change a good painting at least 3 times before you get on the right track) all that adds weight.

Cool though.... I'm not selling anything now, even though I know an Austrialian painter here in China that does hold openings and sells paintings and he says I could sell at least 4 of the paintings I've done.... We'll see I guess...

EDIT: by the way in China as I stated can't watch youtube here....sorry
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