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Default Steelermaniac!!

You have some stugots my friend I'll give you that! You come in here and act like your a Steelers fan, then come out like the twat you are! You put up that sig with your girl friend and think that you can put us on tilt! Well think again you lame ass, just because you hit big skanks don't mean you can come in here and spew your ilk. Now I don't know what it's like to hit those big fat skanks like you do, but I guess it warps your mind a little since you think that you are going to actually win any battle here on this msg board! My advice to you is to tuck your tale no matter how small it is (i.e. penis size) between your legs and take your soft ass back to your Seahawks msg boards! Remember hittin big girls is ok, someone has to do it! Who better then you. Also stop by the clinic on your way back, it would be a damn shame if you caught the CLAP!

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