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Default You're Bylsma, what would you do for the next 29 hours?

If it were me,

First show the replay of the red wings skating around Mellon Arena last year with the cup.

Second, I'd print a poster board size of Hossa's comments about wanting a better opportunity to win the cup in the locker room.

Third, the last thing I'd mention is that they've played the entire season for this one moment. Tonight you can not hold anything back or you will be watching the red wings skate around with your cup for the second straight year!

I'd then walk out of the locker room with nothing else to say.

If the team is looking bad after one period, I'd walk into the locker and just say, "I'm sorry I was looking for some hockey players not a bunch of women!"

If the team is looking good, I would let them that we need to continue to play like we did and the game is not over for xx minutes!

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