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Default Re: Big Island Hawaii

I was told by a member who now lives on Maui that the Hawaiian Fan Club had to switch locations twice now. The new location has slipped my mind but I'll ask him again.

The Lulu's on Maui is not the place to watch the Steelers. THE BAD: The food is inconsistent. It's a bit swanky and the staff seems to think highly of themselves - more social spot than sports bar. THE GOOD: The hotties usually show up. The Lulu's theme carries over from location to location so I'd expect the same in Kona. But if a TV and a beer are your only expectations, then you'll get that at Lulu's.

On Maui, hands down THE place to watch the Steelers (really any and all sports) is The Sports Page on South Kihei Road in Kihei. THE BAD: During big games it will be packed. THE GOOD: The burgers are good and fairly priced. The staff is down to earth. You might be sitting next to the owner but you'd never know it. And Steeler Country has had a stronghold there for years. (Of course the 2005-2006 BANDWAGON known as the Seattle Seahawks have been well represented these last few weeks. What a shock. It used to be the Raiders...but since they s..k, the black jerseys have been cast aside for blue ones.)

Hope this helps.
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