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Default Re: Dante Stallworth gets THIRTY days in prison.

Originally Posted by silver & black View Post
Please, clear something up for me. As I understand it, the unfortunate victim jumped a barrier to cross a 4 lane highway as a short cut to where he was going. Is that correct? If it is, I would have to say that the victim is just as accountable for what happened as Stallworth. I'm NOT condoning Stallworth's drinking and driving, but, if the victim had not done such a foolish thing, this would probably not have happened.

If I'm totaly off base on this, then I agree with everyone else.
Oh, I see where you are coming from. And I agree that Stallworth is not 100% to blame for the accident.

However, if Stallworth was sober, maybe he hits the breaks and/or swerves to avoid the guy instead of simply flashing his headlights.

Honestly, the drunk driving laws in this country need to change. No more "party plates" (if you get caught driving drunk in the state of Ohio, you can get a specific yellow with red lettering license plate that signifies you have a DUI on your record).

If you get caught driving under the influence, it should be an automatic three year suspension, and if you let someone under a DUI suspension drive your vehicle, you get the same suspension.

If you drive drunk and kill someone, you should never ever be allowed behind the wheel of a vehicle again in your life.

And no, a breathalyzer to be able to start your car isn't good enough either. It's too easy to have someone blow into the machine for you. Just offer someone five dollars outside a bar, they will do it.

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