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Default Re: Dante Stallworth gets THIRTY days in prison.

I'm confused....are you guys saying that somehow Stallworth set out to run someone over? That he had deliberate foresight and a plan to kill a guy, that he thought about it for a long time and then executed his plan?

Because if you are comparing an accident like Stallworth's with Vick's patterned, planned, long-term actions, there IS no comparison.

Yes, a man is dead, but he also used a CAR to do it, and it WAS accidental. I'm sure Stallworth is contrite and severly apologetic, and I KNOW he didn't deliberately set out to kill a man.

Vick is a POS. He knew what he was doing was wrong, and he set-up an entire illegal enterprise, deliberately flaunting his illegal activities. The two acts are dramatically different because of the INTENT.
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