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Default Re: Dante Stallworth gets THIRTY days in prison.

Originally Posted by 7SteelGal43 View Post
well let's face it, he was impaired, he chose to drive, and it ended a life. a HUMAN life. I'm not excusing Vick in any way. But when animals lives have more value then humans.....somethings terribly wrong, my friend.
Nobody is putting the value of a dogs life over that of a humans life...we're putting more into it than just that one aspect of the issue at hand. You are narrowly trapped in that one portion of the entire whole.

Yes, most human lives are worth more than a dogs life. (If you're a child molester and I have to save you or a goldfish from a burning building...the fish is coming with me.)

However, there is still the rest of the law to consider. There was one (maybe two depending on your thought process) laws that Stallworth broke. Vehicular manslaughter (inexcusably accidental) and DUI.

Vick has a plethora of items (with malicious intent) that, when tallied up, came to his "slap on the wrist".

Stallworth is getting off entirely too easy IMO...but, regardless, Vick's was worse because of his malicious intent on the whole thing. His wasn't inexcusably accidental, he flat out ignored several Federal Laws.
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