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Default Re: ? for all Steeler fans

Originally Posted by Koopa
it seems like the steelers want it more and have much more to lose then the seahawks do. what i mean by that is all the haters will come around if the steelers lose, cowher will be bashed every second of the day, ben will be called a choker, bettis will be called a fat dude that never won a thing and so on and so on. if the seahawks lose it was their first time in the superbowl, and they lost to a better team. that's why i'm feeling good about the steelers winning it all
But some people would argue that the team that has nothing to lose would execute better. Psychologically speaking, you don't want to be playing to not lose; you need to play to win.That being said, I think for all the speculation we can throw out there, these are two teams that have their heads on straight.

I think the Hawks will win but that doesn't stop me from geting nervous about it.
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