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Default Re: 50 Ways to Beat the Steelers and more....

Originally Posted by SteelCityMan786
Speak the Truth Cleve. The Seahawks Don't Back There Trash Talk.
Well, all we can do at this point is trash talk. Both teams get to prove it on Sunday. To say we don't back up our trash talk is ridiculous considering the trash talk is about an upcoming game....not one already played. I wouldn?t get too ****y being a Steelers fan. The Seahawks have way more Super Bowl experience this time around....that's coaches and players. Enjoy your false sense of security thinking Bettis will retire a SB winner and the truth shall be revealed on Sunday.

Steelers haven?t backed anything up in 26 years?.nobody on the current Steelers team have ever backed ANY trash talking up. It will all be done this Sunday.
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