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Default Re: Lets talk college football recruiting Recruiting/ preseason rankings

Originally Posted by nu4everfan15
i think psu has an underrated class and michigans is alil overrated at this point. usc def got quality, but they dont need quantity so i think they did the best, but i am just suprised how well urban meyer did in his first complete year of recruiting in fl... i remember people sayin he wasnt a good enough recruiter, but he had guys slobbering over a gator helmet. I am also glad that florida got their tim tebow because i dont like him one bit.

I understand the conference ratings, but really the sec has the most talent rich soil out there... and the pac 10 has california, and i think the big 12 gets screwed in terms of recruiting ranks. Really, nebraska has had a great class, maybe not star wise, but they have def gotten players they needed, and alot of jc-transfers, and that is really wat the big 12 likes to do and scouting experts dont really like that idea.

but i cant wait to see these 5 star guys contribute to their teams. its sooo long until spring ball!!!!
Good Posting, I think the SEC rankings are a little overrated myself, what do you think?
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