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Originally Posted by Haiku_Dirtt
Do not concur. Spending a first round draft pick on a wide out is a waste. The one kind of player (I think) where you can find a gem with less expense is a guy who can catch a ball. Also I'm not sure Hines Ward would think highly of a first round pick at receiver - he's already used up all bonus money at his position.

Heath Miller is a tight end but he can be (well he is) soooo much more. Dude can catch and get YAC. Correct me if I am wrong, but the last time I checked Ben had enough guys to throw to that can get him to the Super Bowl. What is gut-wrenchingly absent are rushing yards.

You have to look at our running back situation. Duece is...well Duece. Jerome is...well Jerome. I don't see any lofty yardage numbers there assuming either are in uniform next year.

Verron I like but he is a 'third down' guy and very happy with his role. He's been there on a few crucial plays during this stretch.

So that leaves Willie. I like Willie. Kudos to a guy who trains with pitbulls as a child. But I see him as an incredible second stringer and not as a 'bonafide' starting tailback of 'the future'. WE NEED a tailback like a Lendale White to complement Ben. If someone ahead of us is hellbent on having him then we're out of luck. But remember we traded up to get extraodinary move by Bill & Co.

Hey. But what do I know.
I understand that, but Im projecting that the top RBs will be gone by the time you pick
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