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Default Re: Patriots can be king of all eras

Originally Posted by CargoJon View Post
This guy needs to get Belicheats short hairs out of his teeth.

The damn Patriots haven't even won a Super Bowl in 5 years, how can they be team of this decade, or any decade for that matter.

Frankly, the Steelers are 2 God-awful Neil O'Donnell passes away from being 7-0 in the Super Bowl.
Did you really have to bring up his name?

Just to put some perspective in to this debate, the guy is not talking about the best franchise of all time; he's talking about the best team of the decade. In other words, the first four Super Bowl wins don't count in this discussion, just like Green Bay's wins in the 60's or the Cowboys in the 90's don't. In other words, for the case of this discussion 6-1 is irrelevant. And please don't bring up woulda' coulda' shoulda' arguments because then every fan of every other team will be entitled to do the same thing.

Reality is that the Patriots have three Super Bowl wins this decade and the Steelers have two. This team needs to win another Lombardi this year - period. If not, then they have three to our two, regardless of the results of the last half of the decade.

I don't want to hear any excuses about 'they cheated' - sorry, it just sounds too much like what a Seahawk fan would say; just win another championship and let the results speak for themselves.
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