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Default A Pleasant Encounter in Seattle

Last night I got a call from my brother who lives in the Seattle area. A few nights ago his daughter went out with a friend of hers to have a few drinks, both young ladies are in their early twenties. While they were enjoying themselves at the bar, a young man came up and began to talk with my niece and her friend. He was a big fellow, about 6’ 4” and 290 lbs. after a short while he asked them to guess what he did for a living. They thought about it for awhile and said “You look like you could be a professional athlete” “Yes I am” he said. Then he said he was a professional football player and that he was only the third player to win the Guy Flaherty award twice in the 100 years that it has been awarded (an award given by Washington State College). Then he said he was a player for the Pittsburgh Steelers! My Niece and her friend just looked at each other and started to laugh. My niece told this gentleman that her dad was a completely insane Steelers fan. (As is her uncle, yours truly!) So they talked and laughed for awhile and then this gentleman said to my niece to be sure to thank her dad for being a great fan and that he would work very, very hard and do everything in his power to help the Steelers get another chance to go to the Super Bowl. Then, he called my brother, who was unfortunately unable to take the call, and left him a message on his cell phone, introducing himself and repeating what he said to my niece.
According to my niece, this guy was an absolute class act. He was nothing but a complete gentleman to my niece and her friend. He never made them feel the slightest bit uncomfortable, and to quote my niece he is a “Good guy” I told my niece that this is part of the allure of the Steelers. The organization doesn’t put up with players that are jerks, and the Steelers are a first class operation. Her encounter with this young man has made her a believer in this fact. As a father myself, I appreciate this man showing class toward my niece and her friend.
So hats off to the Steelers and hats off to this fine young man, and good luck to him - #64-Jordan Reffett

P.S. Happy Father’s day to all you Dads out there !!

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