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Default Re: Reasons Seattle will win are curious....

Facts and stats are fine and people will generally quote them until they are blue in the face. I have no doubt the Steelers will come out rolling for the win...however, so will the Seahawks. Fans on both sides are convinced of their respective teams' victory and that too is great. Anything can happen in the Superbowl!!!!! It's almost the same ordeal as the Patriots vs. Rams SB where all the stats and facts proved on paper that the Rams were the better team and we all know what happened there. For example.....Steelers lost to the Bengals at home when Ben tossed 3 INT's...but then you guys spank the Bengals bad at their house in the playoffs. Point is, stats and facts are fine but warfare is fought in the trenches and this weekend is hopefully a tight fought SB with no injuries and solid gameplans.

Hat off to the Steelers for an amazing run and good luck this weekend!

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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