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Default Re: Reasons Seattle will win are curious....

Originally Posted by CapeCod Steel Head
Nice post! I notice there haven't been any Seahag rebuttals yet.

I don't know what rebuttals there could possibly be. Seattle is a very good team, but the Steelers have played many very good teams this year. They beat Chicago when Chicago was on a 6 game win streak....then followed that up by going on the road to beat Minnesota when the Vikings had won 6 in a row.....then went on the road to take out the 3 top seeds in the AFC.

Seattle has a nice QB....but certainly no better than Ben.

Seattle has a very good running game....but Alexander has not shown much in the playoffs so far.

Seattle's defense is certainly inferior to the Steelers.

There just isn't much to point to for Seattle where one can say, "See, this is where Seattle has the decided edge." They might win. I will grant them this. But to talk smack is just silly. It makes the person talking that smack look a tid bit mentally challenged.

Pittsburgh is riding high....and will win this game. 31-20.
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