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Default Re: Reasons Seattle will win are curious....

I will give the Steelers the edge on defense considering ours has not played the 3 teams you guys played in the playoffs. Stopping Washington was certainly a joke and Carolina was so one-dimensional all we had to do was shut down Smith and it was over. I do think that Seattle's defense is better than some people think. Chicago and the Giants both tried to shut down Smith and they failed miserably where Seattle blanked him.

I give the edge to Seattle on offense. During the playoffs everyone talked about how the Steelers defense shut down the Bengals, Colts and Broncos (which they did and I am not the type that lays fault on Palmer getting hurt was the reason). But at the same time they all kept talking about how tough the Redskin defense was and how hard the Panthers will hit us. Fact is, our o-line totally dominated both of those "high powered" defenses. We lost Alexander in the Redskin game and Hasselbeck took over and picked the Redskins apart proving we are not completely relying on Shaun to win it for us. Carolina had the big bad Peppers and the Lucas nightmare in the secondary and we again, destroyed them. No matter how bad Carolina's offense was...our offense still moved the ball at will against their defense.

Anyway, just some "friendly" conversation with this week's ENEMY, lol!!!!!!!!!!
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