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Default Re: Reasons Seattle will win are curious....

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
good facts. seattle fans are breaking out their smack and the steelerfans are breaking out stats and facts. if seattle is relying on the no respect card to get them through they are in for a rude awakenning. if that really worked the cardinals and bengals would be in the sb every year.

to piggy back offa one of suits stats: average steeler lineman =311 lbs
average seahawk d lineman= 280lbs

giving up 31 lbs/person

Whoa. Facts don't win games. Heart, determination and a burning desire to win; that's why the Seahawks have dumped you nay sayers along the wayside on their way to the SB. Believe me, your Steelers aren't taking the Seahawks for granted. Both Bettis and Hines on today said as much. Cowler, too. The guys who know, the guys who will put all out on the field, will determine the outcome. Statistics do nothing except work within a computer to predict behavior.

So, if it feels good to bring out statistics card keep feeling good because come Sunday you wont have anything left to take the sting off a SB defeat. Unless, of course, it's to make excuses for why the Seahawks triumphed.

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