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Default Re: Reasons Seattle will win are curious....

Originally Posted by ColoradoSteelerFan
Howdy all. My first post. Been around here reading the posts for a few weeks and just thought it was time to drop in. Should be a fun week as we prepare to watch our Steelers play in the Super Bowl for the first time in a decade!

Having been checking out several boards recently, I have found it funny to read the reasons Seattle fans think the Seahawks will win. They have a better record....they were a #1 seed....they have a better running back.....etc. Surely they have to have something more to fall back on that this!

FACT: Pittsburgh lost 5 games while Seattle lost 3. BUT...only 2 with Ben healthy. Maddox lost 2 and they lost to Indy after Ben returned from 4 games off. If Ben were healthy, Steelers beat Jacksonville and Baltimore, finish 13-3, win the north and are probably the #2 seed.

FACT: Steelers ended the season with the 5th ranked Strength of Schedule. Seattle finished with the 30th ranked SOS. Only the Bears and Packers faced teams with fewer wins. Seattle has not beaten a team with a winning record since Nov. 27 (gotta subtract the Colts since they rested most of their team)

FACT: Steelers beat the #1, #2 and #3 seeds....on the road. Seattle beat the #5 and #6 home. The Seahawks have not played a team as good as the Steelers all year. The Steelers have beaten two teams in the past two weeks who are arguably both better than the Seahawks.

FACT: Seattle has one victory against a team that went on to win its division. (Colts don't count. They rested most of their starters). Steelers have beaten 3 in the past 3 weeks...and have 5 wins this season against teams who would win their division.

FACT: Shaun Alexander has 40 post season carries.....23 for no game or loss. Now he faces one of the NFL's most overpowering run defenses.

FACT: Steelers have held its last 3 opponets to WELL below their rushing averages. Cincy averaged 119.4 for the year. They got 84 vs. Pitts. Colts averaged 106.4 for the year. They got 58 vs. Pitt. Broncos entered the game with the 2nd ranked rushing offense in the NFL with 158.7 for year. They got 97.

FACT: Steelers have not allowed more than 105 yards rushing in any of its past 7 games....and are allowing only 76.5 yards/game during this 7-0 win streak.

Seattle is a good team, no doubt. But if you want to predict a victory, try doing it with logical facts that are not so easily picked apart!

Seattle has 4 sacks over its past 2 games. Steelers have 12 over its past three. The Steelers front 7 are a much more imposing group. The Seahawks have gone 15-32 on 3rd down conversions over the past 2 games. The key to Seattle's success during the playoffs has been the ability to keep the opponents from converting 3rd downs. Washington and Carolina went a combined 6 for 28. The Steelers have converted 22 of its 41 3rd down conversions. The problem for Seattle is that the Steelers will convert 3rd downs. They have done it regularly during this 7-0 win streak. If Seattle cannot hold the Steelers to 30% or so on 3rd downs (and they don't have the secondary to do this), then they are in a world of trouble. There are FAR more reasons to why the Steelers should win this game than there are why the Seahawks should.

At any rate....glad to be around here.....and here's to winning one for the thumb!

Steelers 31 Seahawks 20
Yeah, stats shmats. What stats will you use after the butt whooping the Seahawks are gonna give your Steelers on Sunday?

When are you Steelers gonna realize that the score is 0-0, nothing to nothing and all the marbles are at stake. If you keep hanging on to the past with your stats. If you think because this is our break out year with nothing in the past to look at or reference, this gives your team the benefit...well, that is the way we like it. If you think our strength of schedule is indicative of our team?.that?s awesome! That will make the butt whooping against the Steelers that easier because we will catch your guys sleeping. You Steelers fans hold on tight to this false hope and sense of security. After your team is watching Hasselbeck and Holmgren accepting the Lombardi trophy, past stats will be all you have left....and the wonder of where it all went so wrong.
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