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Default Re: Reasons Seattle will win are curious....

Originally Posted by seahawksfan
The Steelers will be the toughest defense we've faced this year. We did have 3-4 experience 4x this past year (49'ers x 2, Texans, Cowboys). Granted, the Steeler D has a higher caliber player than these teams. So, the Seahawk defense bends, doesn't break. The offense has to bring a balanced attack. Do it well. Do it better than The Steelers offense. Minimize mistakes. Special teams play keeps the big play from breaking out.
Now you are starting to see the light. Gameplan well and hope your offense plays flawlesly against the best D they've faced all year. But, that's only half the must also figure out how to make YOUR bend don't break defense actually not break. Cincy's D was reminiscent of Seattle's, and they broke. Indy's was slightly better, and they broke. Denver's was even better, and, well...Special teams can be a killer, too. Being in a dome means you won't get the free pass 37 yardline starting field position Jeff Reed usually allows in the outdoors. ARE can KILL you with one run.

Good team...but just good. As the game approaches, I honestly feel like the Steelers are truly a team of destiny this year. It's not a bad draw for the Hawks. They get some big-time exposure, pick up some bandwagoners, sell some merchandise and make that big blip on the radar. They are good enough to make a game out of it, too.
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