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Default Re: Reasons Seattle will win are curious....

Originally Posted by NMHawkFan
Well we cannot count the first game since he was out in the beginning but the game against Carolina he had 132 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns.....not exactly something to sneeze at.
Alexander averaged 5.1 yards per carry for the regular season. He is averaging 3.2 per/carry on the 40 carries he's had in the playoffs. 23 of his 40 carries have been for a loss or no gain. Now, he faces arguably the best run defense in the NFL. I don't think you'll see Alexander hit the century mark unless he rips off a 40 yarder on a single play.

Alexander and the Seattle O-line are both very good. However, the Steeler front 7 have been playing lights out for the past 7 games. 12 sacks over the past 3 games. The Broncos had the NFL's 2nd ranked rush offense and arguable one of the best O-lines in the game. The Steelers embarassed them on their own field. The question is not IF Farrior, Haggans and Porter will get to Hasselback....its how many times. The real question is can the Seattle defense stop the Steeler running game and get to Roethlisberger. They lead the NFL in sacks, but have only 4 to show for their efforts over the past 2 games. If you cannot sack Roeth, things will get ugly. Roethlisberger has thrived under pressure since returning from his injury. Pressure will not be enough.
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